Ayushman Bharat and its implications for universal health coverage in India

We at Goa Institute of management are fortunate enough to be a part of, one of the first of its kind Healthcare Management conclave on “Ayushman Bharat”.

The much awaited day started with an address by our director, Dr Ajit Parulekar wherein he highlighted how the healthcare management program, one of our pet programs has come a long way despite being started just 6 years back and how conclaves and seminars like these are advantageous for the students and the faculty members. He appreciated the amount of exponential growth Goa’s healthcare sector has seen under the leadership of Mr.Manohar Parrikar, chief minister, state of Goa and Mr.Vishwajit Pratapsingh Rane, Minister of Health, Government of Goa. Next he went on to speak about the changes from then to now in the healthcare ecosystem and how developmental schemes like Ayushman Bharat would help us even more.


Mr.Vishwajit Pratapsingh Rane, Minister of health, Government of Goa, give his views cents on the issues Indian healthcare sector is facing right now and how only a collaboration between the government and private sector can solve them. He also gave his insights on how the central government has become more vigilant about the healthcare infrastructure and the recent developments under PMSSY. He emphasised on how GIM, by creating responsible leaders in the Healthcare Management field is doing its bit. Next we had the keynote speaker for the event, Dr.Indubhushan, CEO, Ayushman Bharat & PMJEY, who spoke about how dire the healthcare needs of people in India are and after comparing numbers it was brought to everyone’s notice how India has much higher out of pocket expenditure on healthcare when compared to our neighbours and competitors. Next he spoke about how Ayushman Bharat would be a game-changing scheme and would change the landscape of healthcare management in the country.


After the inaugural ceremony, the conference started with the first panel discussion moderated by Mr.Shaktivel Selvaraj, Senior Health Economist, PHFI India. The panellists for this discussion were Ms.K.Sujatha Rao, Former Union Health Secretary, Government of India; Dr.Ashutosh Raghuvanshi, Vice Chairman, Narayana Health Care; Dr.Indubhushan, CEO, PMJEY & Ayushman Bharat and Mr.Joy Chakraborty. The topic of the discussion was “Ayushman Bharat and its implications for universal health coverage in India”. The discussion revolved around how it is a huge responsibility on various leaders of the industry to aggregate policies and resources in order to accommodate people from all the strata of the society.

This was followed by a second panel discussion moderated by Dr.Ajit Parulekar, Director, GIM and the panellists were, Mr.Puneet Kohli, Vice Chairman, Fresenius Medical Care India Pvt. Ltd; Mr.Ashish Kohli and Mr.Shaktivel Selvaraj. The topic was “Is the healthcare product industry adaptable to the changing healthcare market due to Ayushman Bharat?”. The discussion mainly focused around how there’s 2 players in the healthcare industry: Patients and Providers and how is Ayushman Bharat going to change the bargaining power of these players. Also the speakers spoke about how this is a path breaking and bold step in the right direction and will change the way medical care will be delivered in India.

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