Utsav 2018

“You never lose in business; either you win; or you learn”
-Melinda Emerson

‘Utsav’ – a word that carries with it the meaning of delight and merriment at GIM is more than just another event on campus, it is an experience to embrace. For the E-Cell it held a greater meaning as this being their flagship event, it gave the students a sneak peek into the life of an entrepreneur. For the budding businessmen it turned out to be a platform to showcase their entrepreneurial skills and test the waters with their business ideas. For the rest of the GIM community, it was a night full of merry filled with scrumptious food, foot tapping music and stirring games.

Tony Gaskins once said, “If you don’t build on your own dream, someone will hire you to help build theirs”. This thought of doing something different and succeeding at it, is often what pulls many of us to business school. The secret to getting ahead is actually getting started and Utsav 2018 provided the exciting opportunity to reignite the passion and fervour for business.

The quadrangle between the library and the cafeteria lit up with the energy of young entrepreneurs navigating the way through their first business venture. Right from bidding for their stalls, to planning, budgeting, marketing, the stall owners had to do it all.
The stalls displayed a beautiful blend of culture – Kerala’s Banana chips, Pune’s famous Kayani Shrewsbury Biscuits, Pav Bhaji Mumbai style, the famous Goan Ros Omlette, Chicken Afghani and anything else that could be named, the stalls had it all. Adding flavour to the delicious food was music by our in-house band OxyGIM which brought the biggest smiles on people’s faces, adding up on a night to cherish.


“Utsav provided a platform to bring out the entrepreneur in us. I got a chance to meet people I never interacted with earlier. It created not only a fun filled environment but proved to be a great learning experience.”
– Tannya Babbar



“Utsav for me was imbibing the entrepreneurial spirit as well as testing the somewhat present chef skills in me.
It was an evening packed with innovation and delicious cuisines. Tasting the pav bhaji from Mumbai to Ros Omlete from Goa was mouth watering. Students here really pushed themselves to give us a long lasting memory.

Even I did put a stall selling nachos and tarts. Got to learn a lot about the art of selling and attracting customers to atleast attain my break even.”
– Rijul Handa


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