Learning here is INTENSE!

We are always learning – but it isn’t restricted to our classrooms. You can learn wherever you want to; on and off the campus. We must tell you though, that with the many things that we almost always have going on – cultural, inspirational, charitable, spiritual or athletic – you may not want to leave campus at all!



You can be whoever you want to be (except a public nuisance):

GIM doesn’t define who you are or will be; we simply help you be the best version of yourself. You could be a Rubik’s cube champion or the Wolf of Wallstreet- No talent is overlooked, in-fact every talent is celebrated here. With a Student’s club for almost everything you could imagine doing, you can be assured that you will find your place and your clan here.



We are a Global Village – quite literally!

The Humans of GIM come from all walks of life – students and faculty alike. Some of people are constants (and have been with the institute since its inception), while others pass the baton on, to take the GIM name forward.  The people you meet at GIM are fascinating, who will be a bridge to unexpected and wonderful opportunities throughout your life.

We take inspiration from the best!

We had a tete-a tete with THE Dalai Lama on our campus this year! Now where else will you get that? Interacting with the best in the business (and the world at large) runs in our DNA and you won’t even have to Google most of the names that come visiting. What is more important though, is that we try and imbibe the teachings and philosophies of these great leaders, that we believe will help make our students better world citizens.



We don’t settle – we excel!

Consistently ranked among the TOP 15 Private B-Schools in the country, we are always looking to improve and strive to be pioneers in whatever we take on. Take our PGDM in Big Data Analytics or PGDM in Healthcare Management for example; which are some of the first management programs in these fields in the country. Our students are equipped to excel in the world of today and take on the challenges of tomorrow. But you don’t have to take our word for it; just have a look at our Alumni.


We are in GOA! This may sound cliché, but who doesn’t love Goa?! As if that wasn’t good enough, our campus is atop a hillock, which makes reaching for the stars so much easier.




This list could go on but we think you’ve pretty much got the point as to why you should choose GIM!

To apply, visit Early bird applications close soon – don’t miss them, they are a steal.

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