FINDING YOUR SPOT- 5 Creative spaces in GIM


  1. Sunset Point: Whether its personal or professional goal setting or reflecting on life in general, the sunset point at GIM is a an ideal space for creative exploration and self actualisation. Be inspired by the colours of the setting setting sun or the westward wind blowing by.


  2. Lawns: Perfect for informal group discussions and project planning, the lawns at GIM let you soak up the Goan sun while letting your ideas and creativity flourish. You could also find a spot in the shade in along the sidelines if the sun isn’t your cup of tea.


  3. Finance Lab: If Wall Street is one of the must visit places on your bucket list, this space maybe your go to on campus. Equipped with 10 Thompson Reuters terminal, CMIE, Capitaline, CRISIL Fund Analyser, Stock price Ticker and access to news channels, the lab provides you with all the information you need and an environment to hone your stock market trading skills.

    P.C: Venkatesh S.J

  4.  By the Pool – if you are a water baby or you just need to cool off, the pool at GIM is where you want to be. It’s the perfect spot to beat the Goan summer heat.


  5. Breakout rooms- Want to share and discuss your ideas but your hostel room is too much of a mess to have your friends over? The break-out rooms are perfect for impromptu meet ups.

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