‘Aashayein’ — An E-Cell Initiative

At her speech at the United Nations on International Women’s Day 2014 (8th of March), Hillary Clinton remarked that equality for women ‘remains the great unfinished business of the 21st century’.While agreeing with her sentiment wholeheartedly, the E-Cell picked up on the word ‘business’ to drive this equality for women.
Well, by launching GIM’s first Social Entrepreneurship event themed on ‘Women Welfare’!

With YourStory — India’s largest media platform for entrepreneurs — as Event Sponsors, charitable trust Giants International as the Social Sponsor, Fomento as Associate Sponsors and CIBA as Knowledge Partners, the event was bound to see fierce competition as is fierce for prizes worth Rs. 25,000.

Something that every entrepreneur gets used to is a rude shock of the rules of the game being changed. The second round provided just that with judges Professor Nandini Vaidyanathan (founder of Carma Connect), Sneha Bhandare (CEO — Nirvana Arts Pvt Ltd), and Amarsh Chaturvedi (cofounder — Transerve Technologies) sending all the teams back to revise their carefully-made presentations to include more parameters!

With Professor Nandini’s remarking that the cardinal rule of being an entrepreneur is to make profits to complete the cycle, the teams were faced with a barrage of questions on stage. Viewers of the show Shark Tank (mandatory consumption for budding entrepreneurs) would have perceived that participants at GIM were put through the same test of fire as those on the TV Show.

Eventually, while four teams took the cake (and the prize money), everyone at the venue walked off richer in experience.

The Winners:

Team Aarambh, TERI University
–Neha Aggarwal, Aditya Mahesh, H Navneeth
The Delegators, GIM
–Shivani Gupta, Siddharth Pratyush, Yashasvi Singh
Namesake, GIM
–Disha Sharma, Robin Garg, Devansh Baghel
Vitamin M, GIM
–S Suchita, Sagar Jain, Vidhusekhar Satyanathan
Being Quizzed on Stage!


The Judges and the Audience


The Winners!

Organising Credits : E-Cell!

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‘Prachita’ — A Samarthan Initiative

In line with its various social awareness initiatives, GIM held ‘Prachita’ on the 22nd of November in an effort to provide guidance to girl students by professional doctors regarding the importance of health and hygiene in daily life.

Welcomed with Breakfast

Girl students from Ganesh Vidyalaya, Sanquelim were welcomed to GIM with breakfast before the commencement of the event which was graced by the Chairman of the Municipal Council Mr.Damodar K Ghadi. After a brief talk speaking of the role of Samarthan, Dr.Jyoti Sawant took the stage and spoke of how the body develops and the nutrition and exercise required for healthy development. Dr. Sawant’s excellent talk was followed by a session on oral hygiene by Dr.Riddhima Birmani Gaunkar, a lecturer from the Goa Dental College. Professor Ranjini Swamy concluded the session with a vote of thanks to both the school and the speakers for the day.

The talk by Dr. Riddhima Gaunkar

The event being hosted by GIM where we believe in serving up seriousness and fun in equal measures, the students then played some games such as a 3-legged race to round up the day. The winners were given trophies and team Samarthan celebrated another successful drive.

The winners of the day with Prof Amiya Sahu


Samarthan handing out a token of appreciation to the school


Organising Credits : Samarthan!

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Management is..giving back to society

One of the things that distinguishes GIM from every other B-School in the country is our unique CSR program. Leading the social initiative from the front is the Samarthan team. 

We are quite happy to share that all the money they raised from selling their fantastic Tee-shirts went towards:

  • Providing meals to the women at Asha Mahal Trust
  • Providing utensils of need to Asha Mahal Trust
  • Getting the residential complex of the Trust whitewashed
  • Installing a water filter at the Government Public School, Paithona
  • Providing durable school bags to the students of Mattruchhaya Trust, Ponda

Here are some photos!


Good job once again, Samarthan! 🙂

Organising Credits : Samarthan!

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GIM celebrates ‘Utsav ’13’!

Certain words have a mystic power over an Indian. They pulse life and colour into our hearts and make them dance to the throb of memories. They even have layers of meaning wrapped into them. One such word is ‘Utsav’! The word conjures up a whole dish of memories for every one of us. It is only fitting then, that the E-Cell (Entrepreneurship Cell) of GIM served everyone here with some memories for life with ‘Utsav’. Utsav came back to GIM in 2013 — bigger and better than before!

They say that every person has shades of an entrepreneur in him; more so, B-school students. So, even if someone does trivialise Utsav as being just about putting up stalls; every stall owner will be the first to acknowledge that they put academics to practise that day. They learnt about costing (fixed and variable), about how to bid (and more importantly, outbid!), how to market (not to forget sell), supply chain management (‘Oye! Roti leke aana!’), queuing theory (self-explanatory), and customer service (and customer relationship management). At the end of it all, maybe they even learnt something entrepreneurial. 

Without further ado, we present to you, in photos, Utsav ’13!

The Food-preneurs
All Paan lovers aboard!
Best Pani Puri in town!


Love prawns or pakodas of all sorts? Get a hold of these guys!
From Mojitos to Pasta, they had it all!


Setting things on fire with the lean, mean, Barbeque machine!


The Games and Fun Stalls
Puzzle fan? Try getting a ball through this team’s funky maze!


The wackiest ball game you’ll ever see!


Mixing sales with social work — all proceeds from here went to charity!


The Jukebox Junkies — playing everyone’s favourite songs!


 Some of the food on offer!
Is your mouth watering yet?
               The Folks who made it all happen!
The E-Cell Team at their desk
Good show, E-Cell and budding entrepreneurs! Thanks for the memories!
Organising Credits : The E-Cell team!
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Mansoor Khan — Director, Author, Pioneering Thinker, graces GIM!

Besides being acknowledged as among the best actors in the country, Aamir Khan is also reputed to have one of the sharpest minds in Bollywood. Having interacted directly with Mansoor Khan, Aamir’s cousin and the person who launched his career by directing the movie Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak, the students of GIM can readily attest that genius runs in the family.

Once again, the Ribandar Talks team swept us off our feet by bringing Mansoor Khan to give a talk about his book ‘The Third Curve‘. It is a stereotype of being ‘filmy’ that you are taken for being more style than substance but one can make no such mistake with Mr. Khan. Having been to some of the most prestigious colleges in the world such as Cornell and M.I.T., our guest speaker spoke of the ideas that shaped his book and the urgency of the message it contains.

Master director that he is, Mr. Khan first described to the audience the background in which his message is set. Dividing the modern age during and post the World War into ‘Paradise Times’ (until the ’60s when the sky was the limit), the ‘Ecological Collapse’ (since the ’60s till today where life systems have withered) and the age of the ‘Financial Collapse’ (the future, where money withers). He then went straight into myth busting mode when he said that the premise on which economics is based, that ‘money lasts forever’ is a false one.

Mr.Mansoor Khan making a point to the audience

Mansoor Khan then drew an image of the ‘money onion’ and peeled off the commonly accepted layers of thought from it. These layers were centred around the following beliefs: ‘Money=Value’, ‘Value increases over time’, ‘Growth then compounds’, ‘Growth is forever’, ‘Technology will solve the resources and energy problem’. This stream of thought dubbed by Mr. Khan as ‘Perpetual Exponential Quantitative Growth’ is the lie.
Citing the theory of the ‘Hubbert’s Curve’ that governs resources, Mr. Khan gave us the shocking fact that the difference between peak discovery (when all the oil that exists was found) and peak oil (when the maximum rate of oil extraction was reached) was only 40 years. In fact, the concept of the stock market also follows the path of greed for growth with constant innovation to sustain it from fractional reserve banking, leveraging, options, the Black-Scholes derivative, and complex financial instruments.

Quoting famous lines such as ‘Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of a cancer cell’ and ‘Anyone who believes that growth can go on forever is either a madman or an economist’, Mansoor Khan denounced growth in the form of money asthe new drug, and man as the drug addict. In his own words, ‘man is burning natural, technological, social, cultural, spiritual, and even ‘qualitative health capital’ to keep the economy of money growing’.

At the very minimum, Mansoor Khan gave the fascinated audience some things to think about. For the most of us though, he set us on the path of curiosity to find out just what ‘energetics’ was and understand what part we can play in this unfolding drama. ‘Coming down is certain, the pilot has to land with just one engine’, Mr. Khan said. ‘How to make that inexorable descent smooth is what we need to understand’.

From all of us at GIM, hearty thanks to Mr. Mansoor Khan for the message he brought with him, and applause once again to the Ribandar Talks team for introducing us to him.

Mr.Khan with the Ribandar Talks team

To find out more visit: http://mansoorkhan.net/
Organising Credits : The Ribandar Talks team!

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The Italian Ambassador visits GIM!

It isn’t routine in an Ambassador’s day to agree to give a talk to students of a B-school. Apparently though, it is just all in a regular day’s work for the committee members of the Ribandar Talks team to bring such eminent figures to the campus!

The Ribandar Talks club pulled off a coup in getting the current Ambassador of Italy, his excellency Daniele Mancini to address the students of GIM and take questions on anything from the future of the relationship between India and Italy in light of the ‘AgustaWestland’ and ‘Enrica Lexie’ cases; the impact of having a single currency such as the Euro on Italy’s growth; and the effect of the financial situation in Greece on the European Union.

In his address to the students, he spoke of the need for the students as future leaders to take nothing for granted and to think strategically in a broader scale to create solutions for the rapidly changing world. According to him, the ‘Global South’ – including parts of Asia, Africa, and South America, that were typically just seen as a source of raw materials and labour for the Western nations is “emerging rapidly and becoming a major protagonist in foreign relations”. 

The ‘lighting the lamp’ ceremony.

Citing the example of the Syrian crisis and the collaborative effort by the U.S., Russia, France and other countries in eliminating chemical weapons there, his Excellency observed that no single country is “completely in charge” anymore. He remarked that “when no single country has the capacity to stop a war in that small a country anymore; what if war erupts in a much bigger and more significant country”?

Exhorting the students of GIM to take charge by considering the fact that “nothing exists that cannot be undone or redone in a different fashion”, the Italian ambassador stated that it time to ride the megatrends and recognize the game-changers. He explained to the students that everything is interconnected and encouraged them not to ignore the challenges of “climate change, the exploding demographics, and the large number of weak financial institutions”.

The Ambassador observed that with India and Italy “having the common denominator of being civilisations shaped by the values of our rich cultures”, there are lots of opportunities to strengthen the bilateral relationship and encourage traditional initiatives. He concluded by remarking that with the passion for design and decoration that Goans have, Goa can well be “a hub for creativity and design”. 

Students and Faculty alike listening in rapt attention

In all, the session presented GIM students with a refreshing chance to get a behind-the-scenes take on changes around the world. To have a Diplomat of the stature of Mr. Mancini at GIM was something to cherish for all of us.

Organising Credits : The Ribandar Talks team!

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Bengali Bhoj – Shubho Bijoya from GIM!

There is hardly anytime in a year that is more important to our Bengali Brethren than that of the Durgo Pujo. Prominent journalist Vir Sanghvi of the Hindustan Times probably says it best:

“The essence of Puja is that all the passions of Bengal converge: emotion, culture, the love of life, the warmth of being together, the joy of celebration, the pride in artistic expression and yes, the cult of the goddess.”

Our Bengalis on campus celebrated Dashami night in the best way possible – by bringing the feast to GIM! Here are a couple of pictures that tell the story. 🙂

Subho Bijoya, everybody!
All hands on board!
What was on the menu, did someone ask?


And finally, the people who made it all possible:

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Organising Credits : The Bengalis at GIM!

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