Humans of GIM


“All of Human Resource concept is based on one single theory of OB. Can you tell me what that is? All of human behaviour is based on one single logic: Behaviour can never be predicted, it can only be understood.” 

This human made it pretty clear that she intends to be around people all the time right when she popped into this world, as she did not even do that alone – brought along with her a twin sister. So, it seems that her HR journey started right away. From a person who scored a D in public speaking in 12th standard because she didn’t utter a single word in her SUPW class, to a person who is a Competent Communicator in the Toastmasters International Club; this is Pooja Raina – the HR human of GIM.

Having worked as a trainer in Infosys for a period of almost 4 years before deciding to go for an MBA, Pooja has also worked with Make A Difference (MAD), a non-profit organization which works with kids in shelter homes. As a President of MAD’s Mysore chapter, she believes that kids remind us of the fact that life is beautiful in its own subtle ways. She also believes that a person should do only that what she/he loves to do. Apart from finance, of course, because that’s really important to get through MBA even if one doesn’t like it.

Hailing all the way from the valley of Kashmir, Pooja has a certain obsession with cleanliness. Suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, she has a weird tendency to hold a secret grudge against the people who borrow her stuff and don’t give them back. So, if you’ve ever done that to her, there is a strong possibility that a plot to kill you is already in place. And armed with the cleanliness-obsession, there is a high possibility that the crime scene will be spotless.


Deepak copy

“Do not follow me, for I may not lead. Take my advice, though, I don’t use it anyways.”

To follow him would not be an easy thing anyways. Let’s take a look at what the money maker of GIM, Deepak KS, is all about:


Think about something that you want to do and the chances are that Deepak has been there and done that. After getting a state rank 0001 (that’s right, just a 1) in IIT-JEE as well as AIEEE, this human went on to study at IIT-Madras where, besides  winning trading competitions as and where he came cross them, he also got a silver medal for the best project.

When winning finance competitions started becoming a cliché, it was time to own the world of online gaming. Goes by the name of Beep Beep or HN_Beeper, this human also holds world-records as well as national records in games like Age of Empires, Quake III Defrag, Promode.

With a work-experience as a derivatives trader for 5 years, and all that is mentioned above, Deepak still seems to think that there’s a lot more to be done. God knows what’s left to be done. Or maybe even he wonders.

Guess Who?

Guess Who?

Finance wizard, gambler. Stock trading genius, lucky winner. This chap’s heard it all.

Immune to both criticism and compliments, he rolls up his sleeves and just goes on winning. A South Indian from a state that is constantly stereotyped for being hostile to North Indians, his friendly, composed demeanour allows him to hold his own among the diverse crowd in GIM.

Quitting a club to go on and found a landmark Student Investment Fund — Vinidhan — at GIM, we present to you one of GIM’s most popular Superhumans.


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